Training activity

Hyperbaric & Tunnel Safety Ltd 

University of Kingston – MSc Construction Management – occasional lecturer on health and safety issues.


International Tunnelling Association - Workshop on Underground Structures in Hot Climate Conditions, Riyadh 2009.
International Tunnelling Association - Health and Safety course organised on behalf of the Central Board for Irrigation and Power, Delhi, India,
International Tunnelling Association/Tunnelling Association of Canada  training course associated with World Tunnel Congress, Vancouver 2010. 


University of Texas at  Austin - On-line Certificate in Tunneling – lectures on occupational health, safety and welfare.


British  Tunnelling Society – Young Members section – “Occupational health and welfare in tunnelling”.


International Tunnelling Association/ITA CET   training course on "Conventional Tunnelling" associated with World Tunnel Congress, Helsinki 2011. 


TUCSS - training course "Safety in Tunnelling and Underground Construction" - various lectures, Singapore 2011 


Skave Consultants, Santiago - tunnelling training course for Codelco - various lectures on "services for improved safety". Nov 2011


ENTPE Lyon MSc course - lecture on role as inspector for civil engineering infrastructure - Channel Tunnel Safety Authority.


Tunnelling Assocition of India, CBIP, Delhi Metro, Delhi - ITA Training course on health and safety in tunnelling, Feb 2012


University of Warwick - MSc in Tunnelling - module on health and safety


British Tunnelling Society – Tunnel Design and Construction course – lectures on “Health and Safety hazards in tunnel construction”.


British Tunnelling Society - Health and Safety course  – lectures on “Occupational health and welfare” and “Work in Compressed Air.


CDM Smith, Dublin - in house training on H&S in tunnelling 

Arbrit Safety & Engineering - 2-day "H&S in Tunnelling" course for Qatar Rail and Greenline - October 2014


Dr Donald Lamont MBE BSc MEng PhD C.Eng FICE

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