Hyperbaric & Tunnel Safety Ltd


Services provided by Hyperbaric & Tunnel Safety Ltd include:-

·         Advisory services in occupational health and safety matters relating to tunnelling, tunnelling machinery, tunnel operations and work in compressed air, trenchless technology, drilling and piling, use of construction machinery.  These are offered to regulatory authorities, clients, consulting engineers and principal contractors. Donald had considerable experience in these fields when working with the UK Health and Safety Executive. He continues to chair the British Standard committee for BS 6164 “Health and Safety in tunnelling” and to represent the UK on the European standards committee for tunnelling machinery safety. Donald was responsible for the engineering content of the 1996 Work in Compressed Air Regulations and guidance and more recently advised on the introduction of similar legislation in Northern Ireland. Other documents for which Donald has been responsible include the BTS  "Guide to the Work in Compressed Air Regulations 1996" published in 2012, the ITA/BTS "Guidelines for good working practice in High Pressure Compressed Air" also published in 2012 and the ITA "Guidelines for the provision of refuge chambers in tunnels under construction". 


·         Expert witness services principally in the fields of tunnelling, foundation engineering, construction machinery safety, confined space working in sewers etc along with the application of health and safety legislation in construction and risk management in tunnel and ground engineering. 


·         Professional training for regulatory authorities, owners, consulting engineers and contractors in the engineering aspects of tunnelling  health and safety and work in compressed air. These services  are aimed at both UK and non-UK clients and reflect Donald’s extensive experience as a lecturer on a wide range of tunnel safety topics  in the UK and at ITA events abroad.




Dr Donald Lamont MBE BSc MEng PhD C.Eng FICE

+44 151 625 8122

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